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  • Members of the SCP

    [size=3]Members of the Social Conservative Party[/size]

    Chairman: Joseph Okamo
    Secretary-general: Charles P. Roosevelt

    [SIZE=2]Gladstone Territory:
    (Fogg, Montgomery)
    (Stanliss, Kimberly)

    Greater Tuckerton:
    (April, Deborah)

    Okamo, Joseph
    Stantz, Raymond
    (Nimoy, Maxwell)

    New Munswick:
    Roosevelt, Charles P.


    [size=1]Stand: 4.7.2011[/size]

    Speaker of Parliament
    MP for Gladstone Territory

    Former Prime Minister of Cranberra

    Dame Commander of the Order of Albernian Excellence (DAE)
    Commander of the Order of Cranberra (COC)

    Member of the Cranberrian Royalists Movement

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