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Username Gender Registration Date Last Activity Location Website Email Posts

Benjamin Yates

Mar 4th 2007 New Munswick 155

Bryce Caden Abtrünniger

May 11th 2013 Middleham, New Munswick 120

Byron of Shelby Former Governor General

Mar 1st 2007 Haroldesia 107

Benjamin Fraser

Jul 9th 2007 Unknown 39

Brian Okalik Beginner

Mar 1st 2007 Unknown 26

Brian Mason Beginner

Jun 17th 2012 Black Rock, Haroldesia 9

Brian Okaluaq Beginner

May 9th 2007 Sanginivut 6

Barbara Henstridge Beginner

Mar 2nd 2007 Gladstone Territory 6

Björn Davíðsson Beginner

Sep 19th 2012 Eldeyja 4

Bruce Garner Beginner

May 19th 2016 Hong Nam / Serena / US Astor 3

Bruno Vogt Beginner

Apr 10th 2014 Unknown 1

Bergen Beginner

May 13th 2012 Unknown 1