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Username Gender Registration Date Last Activity Location Website Email Posts

Sir Robert Wellesley Founder of the Dominion

Mar 1st 2007 Oustburgh, GT 1,731

Raymond Stantz TONIGHT /w Raymond Stantz

Apr 13th 2007 Black Rock/Haroldesia 1,533

Jake Bennet Professional

Sep 13th 2008 Unknown 1,175

Eleonora María Fernandez Duarte Professional

Nov 4th 2007 Unknown 746

Max A. Horton Professional

Mar 1st 2007 Haroldesia 654

Margriet Veerman-Yates Professional

Mar 3rd 2007 New Munswick 643

Dame Kimberly Stanliss HM Loyal Subject

Mar 2nd 2007 Gladstone Territory 595

Matthew Asbury-Bailey

Dec 19th 2008 Unknown 565

Emily Beckett

Mar 1st 2007 New Munswick 511

Prescott Washington

Mar 3rd 2007 Redridge, Greater Tuckerton 415

Sir Gordon Wreckley MP for Sanginivut

Nov 26th 2009 Sanginivut 395

Paul Hawkins Prime Minister

Aug 2nd 2008 Williamsburg, GT 342

Duke of Foxbury Beginner

Mar 9th 2008 Unknown 327

Henrietta Barkenhoff

Mar 2nd 2007 Unknown 282

Abigail Villeroy-Boch just avb

May 13th 2013 Redhaven, Gladstone Territory 265

Duchess of Foxbury Beginner

Sep 21st 2008 Cranberra 232

Maxwell Nimoy Beginner

Mar 11th 2007 Haroldesia 230

Christopher Philipp Smith

Oct 12th 2008 Unknown 205

Charles P. Roosevelt

Apr 22nd 2011 New Munswick 194

Wanda Shepard Citizens Office

Mar 28th 2007 Unknown 164

John Paddington Hello again!

Mar 4th 2007 Armstrong 162

Kevin Cranberry

Nov 4th 2007 Unknown 159

Benjamin Yates

Mar 4th 2007 New Munswick 155

Ernest Frick Beginner

Dec 6th 2010 Cranberra 137

Nigel Tapherson former Prime Minister

Apr 28th 2014 Black Rock, Haroldesia 135

Henry Fontaine Sales Manager

Mar 3rd 2014 Oustburgh 126

Bryce Caden Abtrünniger

May 11th 2013 Middleham, New Munswick 120

George McCarrick

Apr 30th 2007 Haroldesia 119

Reginald Henstridge

Mar 2nd 2007 Gladstone Territory 116

Byron of Shelby Former Governor General

Mar 1st 2007 Haroldesia 107